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Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

This teenage girl accidently died during autoerotic hanging. You can see that unhappy girl used the collar of her T-shirt as a pad for the noose diring illegal sexual activity. The second noose on her right arm was as a part of the rescue mechanism which apparently failed with a result of the young girl’s death.

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Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

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Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

Ed Gein Victim Bernice Worden

The doors to the farmhouse were locked, but the door to the side shed at the rear of the house opened when Schley pushed it with his foot. It was night time and since the farm had no electricity, the sheriff had to use a torch. It revealed a naked corpse of a woman hanging upside down from a crossbeam, the legs spread wide apart, and a long slit running from the genitals almost to the throat. But the throat, like the head, was missing. The genitals and the anus were also missing. Bernice Worden had been disembowelled like a deer.

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