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Posted by Lord Butcher, and filed under Cute Dead Girls, Videos
murdered teacher1

Two young women, one 20 years old the other 21 years old, were teachers who were both raped, beaten and murdered on the same bed by a group of Burmese soldiers. An unknown number of soldiers reportedly entered the place where these two women were living and committed the crime.

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Posted by Lord Butcher, and filed under Cute Dead Girls, Images
Dead girl1

Cute asian woman was raped then murdered, dammit….she was a hottie. So rather than taking the body back to the morgue, official’s decided it was better to do it right there at the murder scene. I give them a big A+ for bonus images to post. Enjoy.

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Posted by Lord Butcher, and filed under Cute Dead Girls, Images

Some classic Dead Ladies from the archives. Enjoy.

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Posted by CDG, and filed under Images


Killed and raped elderly woman.

No clue…

But that is the  coroners delightfull job;
Cutting and slicing,
Until clues are found.

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Posted by CDG, and filed under Images

Raped an murdered

26 year old Ma Thidar Htwe from Thapraychaung Village in Rambree Township Burma. She was said to be raped and killed by those three Muslim youths on her way back home after working in Kyauknimaw Village around 5 pm on May 28. According to the eye-witnesses, her dead body bears a slice at the throat, several stabs on the chest, and stabs and cuts on the vagina and pubic region. Click to continue to content »

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Posted by CDG, and filed under Cute Dead Girls, Images

Killed and defiled

The ultimate price; her body, her soul and finally her last breath…
That wasn’t even enough.
Her body now seeming so innocent! It needs… It needs…
It needs some final defilement!

…people need to see for who she really is…

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Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

This 18-year-old girl was taken at gun-point to the nearby forest and repeatedly raped by all the members of the militant gang. After that, she was tortured with a sharp-edged weapon, her genitals mutilated, and flesh lopped off from different parts of her body. If this wasn’t enough, the animals then severed her head from the body.

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Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

A 19 year teenage girl who was working as a barmaid in a local pub was gang raped and murdered as she was returning home from hanging out with colleagues. It is an ugly murder where that the rapists inserted sticks her private parts and twisted her neck after raping her. Her colleagues mention that the group of boys following them while they were leaving the pub was overheard saying that they have to get her since she has played so many men.

Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

A teenager from a CPM supporters family has been raped and murdered in Nandigram.
The dead body of Dipanwita Jana was found floating on the Haldi river this afternoon.
She was a first year geography (honours) student at local Sitananda College.
She was missing since she left home for a private tuition on Monday morning.
She was a resident of Balarampur, 7km from Nandigram.
The teen’s uncle who had contested for a seat in the Nandigram 2 panchayat samiti in 2008, lodged a complaint in the evening alleging that the girl had been raped and murdered.
A police officer said the decommposed body had multiple injuries. “Preliminary investigations suggest rape and murder”
East midnapur’s district secretatriat member Ashok Guria, alleged Trinamul’s hand in the murder.Abu Taher, a key leader of Trinamul in the land war, called the charge baseless.

Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

The young woman was raped and murdered by a serial murderer. Then the murderer burned her corpse to make her identification difficult.

Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls

In August 1984, a young woman named Deborah Sykes was brutally raped and murdered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The police suspected a man named Sammy Mitchell. In an early interview with Darryl Hunt, he claims the police offered him $15,000 to testify that Mitchell killed the girl. Hunt refused to take money to lie about another man and was subsequently arrested for the murder himself. During the trial, a 14-year old self-proclaimed prostitute, a member of the Ku-Klux-Klan and a petty thief were called upon by the prosecution to testify against Darryl Hunt. Despite a lack of evidence in the case, the mostly white jury found Hunt guilty of the murder. Hunt would receive an ally in Larry Little, who began a Darryl Hunt defense fund and raised money for his attorney�s fees. In a second trial, six years later, he was offered the opportunity to be released with time served if he admitted to the murder. He refused and, with an all white jury hearing testimony that simply pulled at their heart strings, found him guilty of murder once again.

Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Images, News, Vintage

In 2006, Adolph Laudenberg was convicted of the 1972 strangling of Lois Petrie, 43, based on DNA evidence detectives obtained from a plastic foam cup and DNA recovered from the body at autopsy.

Petrie was strangled on Christmas Eve that year at home in the Los Angeles harbor community of San Pedro.

Police also suspect Laudenberg was connected to three other deaths: Catherine Medina, 50, whose nude body was found in a San Pedro park in 1974; Anna Felch, 54, of San Pedro, who was strangled and sexually assaulted in 1974; and Lehan Griffin, who was found dead in a San Francisco hotel room in 1975.

Posted by Xcruciating, and filed under Cute Dead Girls, Images

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